Our Story

Pluxe is the story and brand of a curvy woman on a mission to look good and feel even better. 

In my struggle with body positivity I found that activewear brands truly don’t cater to the plus size market in the way it deserves. The options always felt subpar, sometimes just downright poorly designed for our bodies. Let alone size inclusive, fashion forward and modest inclusive. 

Six years ago, as a fed up 16 year old I toyed with the idea of creating a brand that offers the world of plus size and curvy women what they are craving. Upon graduating from college I decided to finally turn my dream into a reality. Supported by a team of incredibly talented women I got to work. We took the initiative to leave no|body| behind and create a luxury brand that is inclusive to all races, religions and body-types and exclusively and intentionally designed for the plus size community. After meticulous research, designing, testing and picking the finest of materials we created PLUXE to fill a much needed gap.  

PLUXE is more than just a brand, we are a brand with a cause. We strive to bring awareness to those struggling with overlooked medical conditions and hormonal imbalances that link to weight. Every month we will be donating 10% of our proceeds to organizations that represent the struggles of our valued clients. As a community, we strive to stand with our women, recognize and support them in whatever shape they come. 

We are so excited for you to see our debut line! As someone who grew up with powerful role models that taught me the importance of female comradery and self-success, I feel absolutely blessed to have you considering Pluxe. Our products are created by all kinds of women for every|body|. We hope that you see just how powerful this line will make women feel, promoting our goal of self-discovery and self-worth. 



Pluxe Founder & CEO