For the month of March 2022, PLUXE will be giving 10% of our proceeds to the Lipedema foundation. 

Shopping at PLUXE is more than just buying sleek exercise gear, it’s joining a movement that’s goal is to spread awareness about different medical conditions. This month, we’re focusing on Lipedema: a chronic medical condition that causes the buildup of adipose tissue in the arm and leg area. The cause of this condition is not well understood, but it’s symptoms result in swelling, fatigue, frequent bruising, and an unusual texture within the fat below the skin. The pain accompanied with this condition ranges in intensity- some patients experience persistent extreme pain while other patients have intersperse pain that can be triggered by the application of pressure. There is no medical based treatment for this condition.

 PLUXE is commitmented to making sure no(body) is left behind - that's why this month we aim to spread awareness about Lipedema and how you can help support a loved one suffering from such.

Committed to our cause, 10% of our proceedings this month will be donated to Lipedema Foundation.

Lipedema Foundation is the largest nonprofit organization that aims to support and educate those affected by Lipedema. This amazing organization helps to provide resources, research, and awareness to said chronic illness. If you or someone you know is struggling, visit Lipedema Foundation's website,, in order to learn, gain access to resources, and further fight this chronic medical condition . The PLUXE community was created as a reminder and support for anyone that is struggling- you are not alone. We are excited to partner with the Lipedema Foundation this month and support their impactful mission. You can help us spread awareness by visiting the Lipedema Foundation website, watching our lives on our instagram (@pluxeofficial), educating yourself and loved ones, and shopping at PLUXE where no(body) is left behind.


Thank you for shopping PLUXE and joining our movement, together, we are making a difference.