For the month of August 2023, PLUXE will be giving 20% of our proceeds to Bonei Olam.

When you shop at PLUXE you do more than purchase, you join our movement. Every month PLUXE focuses on spreading awareness about a different medical condition that affects various people from around the world.

This months focus is infertility; the inability to get pregnant after trying for about a year. There are various causes for infertility, being that any sex may be infertile. This is generally based on (inadequate) levels of hormones needed to create the child. Notably, most women who have trouble with ovulation also are usually infertile. Symptoms of infertility are not generally presentable- most find out their infertile while trying to conceive.


Luckily there are a variety of treatments available for those infertile, but they come with a heavy pricetage. Hormone treatments, fertility drugs, and surgery are the most common and expensive methods for those to get pregnant. In addition, there is assisted reproduction which uses advanced medical techniques to fertilize the egg. According to the World Health Organization, 48 million couples and 186 million individuals live with infertility globally. Even so, individuals and couples suffering from infertility may not even be responsive or afford said treatments.


Fortunately, there is an organization that can help, Bonei Olam. This organization has 21 regional chapters in 6 countries worldwide, dedicated to financially supporting women who are undergoing fertility treatments. Over 9,000 children were born from the financial support Bonei Olam offers.

They offer many different tests and research types that are advanced to help women see miracles. In addition to all of this, the organization also offers support counselors. They make the dream of parenthood possible for couples who thought they’d never have the ability to have a child. If you or someone you know is experiencing infertility please visit the organization's website,


As a commitment to our cause, 20% of this month's profits will go to the organization Bonei Olam with the hopes of furthering the research and children that come into this world.


Our commitment at PLUXE is to leave no(body) behind, therefore our goal this month is to spread awareness about infertility. We hope to share ways you can support women and men you know who suffer from it.


Thank you for shopping PLUXE and joining our movement, together, we are making a difference.